Domain Report  

The Domain Report identifies the top origins of visitors to this site. This is determined by the suffix of their domain name. Use this information carefully as this is based on where their domain name is registered and may not always be an accurate identifier of the actual geographic location of this visitor. For example, while most .com domain names are from the United States, there are a growing number of .com domain names that exist outside the United States.

This report shows results with at least 50 requests. This report is sorted by number of requests.

Domain NameNumber of requestsNumber of bytes transferredNumber of page requests
1.[unresolved numerical addresses]21,717448.803 MB15,212
    462,80337.408 MB2,185
    51,42225.044 MB1,066
    2161,21311.668 MB586
    681,11721.050 MB454
    1171,06941.860 MB1,062
    6694526.195 MB399
    16369111.143 MB681
    11166826.259 MB668
    776178.481 MB314
    18358722.809 MB584
    1045127.570 MB285
    1075095.460 MB131
    1133382.097 MB338
    1983097.937 MB190
    542803.966 MB106
    522793.926 MB209
    7025610.053 MB52
    402473.894 MB152
    1852376.719 MB183
    1882344.405 MB213
    372282.518 MB210
    1412115.749 MB126
    911981.265 MB198
    1081982.778 MB107
    501742.157 MB124 (Commercial)9,198197.432 MB5,784
    baidu.com2,53764.754 MB2,094
    yandex.com1,84330.191 MB987
    ahrefs.com1,76723.539 MB1,436
    msn.com9728.596 MB383
    rr.com63537.818 MB118
    googlebot.com58320.933 MB265 (Networks)1,87052.644 MB698
    grantcounty.net88229.619 MB267
    yahoo.net2908.071 MB100
    bhn.net2022.028 MB49 (Russia)1991.839 MB92 (Germany)1571.920 MB81
6.[unknown domain]1444.211 MB136 (Brazil)963.800 MB95 (USA Government)51573.296 KB14
 [not listed: 41]2496.802 MB202

This report was generated on July 17, 2017 18:31.
Report time frame December 31, 2016 19:08 to July 13, 2017 18:53.

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